Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dollar 4 Viseart Dupe Or Don't | Beauty Treats | PalsLivesLife

Did I find a super affordable dupe for the crazy expensive Viseart Palette?

The Viseart palettes are known for their 12 shadow format and $80 price tag. They are very popular among the "Rich" YouTubers and makeup artists.

The shadows are supposed to be super pigmented and so blendable that they practically blend themselves.

That is all well and good, but for us mere peasants, we can't afford to drop $80 on a single palette! Especially if you are a beauty lover like me, who wants to keep on trying many different brands and colors and formulas, it doesn't even make sense.

So needless to say, when I came across this palette from Beauty Treats, I had to pick it up.
It retails for $6 originally, and was available for $3.99 at the Burlington Coat factory. And right next to that was this springy little number for $2.99.
So I picked up both and decided to give them a try.

The Luxe Eye Palette (Viseart Dupe) was ok. But the shades definitely needed more pigmentation to show up on my lids.

 Some of the shades like the white and the gray were nice. But the rest all were difficult to tell apart once applied on my lids. But I believe that you have lighter skin tone, it will work for you.

The second palette however, called the Perfect Matte Eyeshadow Palette, is very nice.

 I like the assortment of pinks, mauve/purples, and browns. I like that a gray is included which I ended up using to line my eyes.
I liked it a lot. But I was not able to find a link online for this one. So I decided to go back and pick up a second palette to give to one of my subscribers.

Beauty Treats is in general an affordable brand, and pretty regularly available at Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. And more often than not, the pigmentation is pretty good on them.

Do checkout my video if you are interested knowing how the different shadows applied.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Help Me Shop: Sunglasses + MURGiveaway Winner Announcement

Being unable to shop with friends and hence get any opinions, I was not able to decide between four pair of sunglasses. So, I purchased all four and requesting you guys to give me your opinion.

Also, I am announcing the winner of my first ever giveaway. And, for those who did not win, there is a little surprise announcement at the end.

Friday, March 31, 2017

MUR Light and Shade Palette Review and Giveaway

(Watch the youtube video at the end of this blog for the giveaway)

Makeup Revolution is a London based company. It is a part of the umbrella company Tam Beauty, along with I heart Makeup, Freedom Professional London, and Makeup Obsession. In general they are known for having dupes for various popular products from high end brands.

The Light and Shade Palette is supposed to be a dupe for the Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette by Kat Von D.
And of course there is  drama... Kat Von D has called out Makeup Revolution for "copying" her work.  I mean I understand her that as an artist she is feeling a little wronged.. but it's not like they are selling it under false pretense, right? I mean it is like Van Gogh getting angry at a common painter selling his painting of 'Starry Night'! I mean come on! Anyone who wants Kat Von D's palettes specifically, and can afford it, just because they are rich or they have saved up for it because they are a fan of her eyeshadow formula, will never buy a dupe... Only those who can't afford her palettes would even try this palette... So I am not sure why she felt the need to go public about it. But any how, let's get to the palette..

Makeup Revolution is known for having decent pigmentation in it's products. And this palette does not disappoint in that aspect. Just as the Kat Von D palette, this one is divided into 3 quads with a base, crease, definer and highlighter shade in each. In fact, it is actually an exact copy of the Kat Von D palette. Usually drugstore brands have a difficult time with matte shadows. So, it is pretty impressive how nice and pigmented the shades are in this all matte palette. I am very sure the Kat Von D shadows are better, but I was never interested in it, because the color selection itself does not excite me.... and if you look at the picture below, a lot of the shades appear similar on my skin tone..

Also, area my eyes are naturally pigmented and the two out of the three quads, don't look significantly different from my natural eyes.......

The shadows themselves lasted through a 10 hour day without fading.

  I personally prefer the selection in the Mad for Matte palette by e.l.f. a lot more than the MUR L and S palette.
Top row: MUR Light and Shade palette; Bottom Row: e.l.f. Mad for Matte palette

Friday, March 24, 2017

IPSY Glam Bag March2017 | Generation Beauty SF

Loving my IPSY bag:

Check out my video review to watch the application of different products

The bag

This month's bag is super cute. I can totally see it having some practical use with just an addition of a little chain as a belt. I am actually very tempted to assign some value to it.

What I got in my bag this month:

tarte cosmetics tarteist™ quick dry matte lip paint

I received the shade 'Vibin'.
$5 Based on the holiday kit with eight same size lip paints which retained for $40.

I am glad that I go to try this new Lip Paint. It is completely different from the formula of the Lip paints in the Holiday set. The Holiday set Lip paints have a whipped formula, a nice minty flavor, and it can be very easily blended with fingers. The Glossy Lip Paint I received in my december Ipsy bag is more like a gloss.

The new Lip paint also has a doe foot applicator that almost every one seems to be adapting to. The two older lip pants have a flat paddle type applicator.
The new Lip Paint is very long lasting though. When I tried to wipe it off with a makeup remover wipe, this new formula was the one to last the longest.

And I love the color.

EYEKO Fat Eye Stick in Satin 

$6.66 Set of 3 retails for $20 on EYEKO's website.
 This automatic crayon just glides on and blends out beautifully. The little mika pigments might clump together occasionally and create a lone glitter like effect, but you can easily smooth it out with your fingers.

The shade Satin is this beautiful brownish taupe shimmer. I laid down a base with some ColourPop pressed shadows, and then just added this over the inner 3/4th of my lid and in the inner corner.

I have also tried using it as just a single shadow all over my look.. and I love that simple look as well.



Ladykin Affinitic Snail Cream

  $4 for the 5ml travel size
This is light, almost gel like skin creme which boasts anti aging and skin firming benefits. It is a Korean beauty product. I like the fact that it gets absorbed very very quickly and hydrates nicely. I might consider buying it in future. But, in terms of the anti aging as all.... I haven't seen any dramatic changes in my skin in the past week or so that I am using it. The packaging is super cute, but not biodegradable. I think it is funny that the brand recommends to use the containers of the regular size product as planters!

Beau G√Ęchis Tapered Blending Brush

 Retails for $12 for a single brush. But it is also sold as a part of a 5 piece brush set which retails for $28.

 This is a synthetic bristle brush, which is super soft. It supposed to be narrower in one direction while slightly wider on the other. That is supposed to help blending narrower areas like the crease, as well as wider areas like the lid or brow bone.
This is a very beautiful brush. I personally like the paint brush like look. It also very comfortable on the skin. But the white bristles are so pretty that I haven't been able to dip them in any product yet.

Marc Anthony True Professional Deep Repair Aloe Vera & Jasmine Oil Deep Repairing Conditioning Treatment

$2.99  for a 1.69 oz packet in Ulta's website

I left it on in my hair for the recommended 5 to 7 minutes after washing, and I could definitely feel a difference in just one use. I would definitely be purchasing this once my current one runs out. I am actually very glad to have had a chance to experience it.

The overall value of this bag is $30.65

$5 Tarteist quick dry lip paint
$6.66 EYEKO fat eye stick
$4 Ladykin travel size snail cream
$12 Beau Gachis tapered blending brush
$2.99 Marc Anthony conditioning treatment

Gneration Beauty is in SF this July 29 and 30. And the tickets are on sale now.
Currently they are $80, half the price they will be later on. I am super excited about getting my ticket !!!! But, please please join me. I don't want to be there alone.

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